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Introducing the SJA Fellowship

Our first class of young creators

Steve believed that if you give great tools to talented people, they will use them to make wonderful things. The SJA Fellowship is a one-year, nonresidential program for young creators who are working at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. Each fellow in our inaugural class receives a stipend, along with resources and tools to help them in their creative, professional, and personal development.

Meet the 2023 SJA Fellows

  • Headshot of Adam Saleh

    Adam Saleh

    Los Angeles, CA
Adam is a designer developing tools that give non-designers the creative agency to bring their ideas to life.
  • Headshot of Brinlee Kidd

    Brinlee Kidd

    Dewey-Humboldt, AZ
Brinlee is a data scientist and question-asker creating digital education platforms that empower students and teachers alike.
  • Headshot of Gabriel Birnbaum

    Gabriel Birnbaum

    San Francisco, CA
Gabriel is a computational scientist and designer exploring the use of AI in media and visual production for human connection.
  • Headshot of Harrison Nicholls.

    Harrison Nicholls

    San Mateo, CA
Harrison is a computer scientist and musician building a digital tool that will make music composition more accessible for everyone.
  • Headshot of J Wang.

    J Wang

    Brooklyn, NY
J is a filmmaker examining themes of belonging through the eyes of outsiders motivated by the need for connection.
  • Headshot of Jeevanjot "JJ" Kapur.

    Jeevanjot “JJ” Kapur

    Des Moines, IA
JJ is a storyteller using digital media to build trust, empathy, and authentic bridges between urban and rural communities.
  • Headshot of Jessica Shand.

    Jessica Shand

    Cambridge, MA
Jessica is a performer and composer creating innovative musical experiences that use technology and mathematics.
  • Headshot of Tom Mahota

    Tom Mahota

Minneapolis, MN
Tom is an engineer, ceramicist, and designer using new technologies and software to enhance traditional craftwork.
  • Headshot of Wendi Yan.

    Wendi Yan

    Los Angeles, CAWendi is an artist and researcher drawing from history to examine myths about technological progress.

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