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Steve Jobs changed the way we look at the world.

Steve in 1984, clean shaven and wearing a wool sweater with maroon stripes, gazes into the camera. Photograph by Norman Seeff.

Photo by Norman Seeff

In 2022, Laurene Powell Jobs announced the launch of the Steve Jobs Archive. Our curated exhibits and publications draw on material from our private archival collection and reflect Steve’s deep respect for the past. Our programs recognize his relentless focus on the future by bringing his commitment to excellence and his epic sense of possibility to new generations.

Steve built companies and launched products that revolutionized industries and transformed lives. From Apple to Pixar, Macintosh to iPhone, his work provided all of us—artists, engineers, musicians, scientists, storytellers, and others—new ways to create and connect.

Steve in 1981, bearded and wearing a corduroy jacket, peers through the lens of a Nikon camera as his elbow rests on an Apple II. Photograph by Andrée Abecassis.

Photo by Andrée Abecassis

Steve in 2007, with short hair and gray in his beard, smiles and holds up an iPhone as he announces the device on stage.

Photo by Tony Avelar/AFP via Getty Images

Steve believed that if you give great tools to talented people, they will use them to make wonderful things that others can build upon. He saw himself as a link in a chain that began long before his birth and would continue long after he was gone.

Steve also knew that he, like all of us, was a work-in-progress. “The key thing to remember about me is that I’m still a student,” he once said. “I’m still in boot camp.” In everything he did, he revised and drafted and redrafted and practiced and asked for advice and sweated the details–and he insisted his teams do the same. His intense commitment to making great products stemmed from a deep-seated belief that everyone deserves excellence and beauty from the tools they use in their lives. 

The Steve Jobs Archive honors this legacy.

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